I am an artist and writer living and working in Liverpool, England. Whilst still at University, I co-
founded a multi-media performance company, The Spark Collective, with whom I have produced 15
shows. Since leaving college I have worked with performance companies Lymn Gaza, The Divas,
OR’AL & PZ092 [with Arts Council Live Art Officer Mark Waugh], F Multimedia, No Frills,
AerialAmbience, Nina Edge and Visual Stress. I have produced numerous exhibitions including
Fusion, the first exhibition of Liverpool Music Graphics, Liverpool’s first exhibition and discussion
symposium on emerging technology V-Topia in collaboration with Moviola, and the first major
retrospective of Jamie Reid’s artwork in New York. I have worked as a video maker for Kaboodle 
and Walk The Plank Theatre companies, produced webcasts for ISEA’s 1998 Manchester/
Liverpool symposium Revolution/Terror, video installations for FACT, Moviola, The Bluecoat and
Liverpool Biennial, and commercial videos for Dream City Film Club [winning best pop promo in the
South-by-SouthWest video awards 1999], and Ladytron and Simian, with whom I toured the world
in 2000-2003. As well as solo performance work, I have worked as a graphic designer for Shed and
nonconform agencies, producing publicity campaigns for Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse 
Theatres, London and Ultimate Records, and book designs for Pulp Faction and Liverpool Design
Initiative. I have recently completed a novel, XQ-28: The Story of a Gene, which I staged for
premiere at The Bluecoat Arts Centre in July 2004. I have a proven track record in successful
funding applications, management and delivery, often working within tight budgets and deadlines,
all of which have been completed successfully and on time. I produced the video elements for Collective
Encounters’ show [dis]connected, working with young and third-age performers traditionally excluded
from artistic participation, which was toured around north Liverpool in Autumn 2006, and produced
the multi-media content for their major show, 1908:Cabaret, for presentation in north Liverpool
in Summer 2008 as part of The Capital Of Culture. Since April 2006 I have worked as a volunteer
Generalist Advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau, which became a six-month full-time training contract
in July 2007, eventually rising to the position of Advice Session Supervisor. Since finishing full- time at
the CAB in May 2013, I am once again concentrating on living the impecunious life of an artist...
Photo: Will Curwen
Born in Lincoln in 1965 and educated through the State system, Adex soon developed the unshifting chip on his shoulder which has accompanied him throughout his life. He graduated from Liverpool University with an upper second degree in English & Communication Arts in 1988. Since then he has lived the impecunious life of an artist, specialising in live art and video. He is a gayer.
Co-founder and Director The Spark Collective.
Co-wrote, produced and directed 15 shows including H.O.M.E. (Higher Orbital
Mini Earth), inDreams, Strange Attractor, project:[space], 2.64 Seconds and
XQ-28: The Story of a Gene

Director and performer Visual Stress. Co-devised and performed in Urban Vimbuza,
Mobile Automission, Zong, Drapetomania and Pre-V3.

Founder and director non-sterile productions, a freelance graphic design company
for print, video and electronic delivery.

Trainee Generalist Advisor for Citizens Advice Bureau.